by Veronica Rönn

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What does ageing mean? The VERDIGRIS table explores a fascination with our relationship with the transient. As soon as something grows old, we throw it away and upgrade it to the latest model. That which is new is seen as something better than its predecessor simply because it is more modern. However, that which is old is also considered to be beautiful.

Is this an indication that society is becoming more oriented towards sustainability? Or do we predict a bleak future where newly produced items are of worse quality than the items of former times? Are the words ”new” and ”modern” starting to get a negative ring to them? No matter the answer, we still cannot find the time to track down that unique chair or that vintage table that we would like to have.

The aesthetics of ageing has become a new ideal, but we do not have time for our items to age naturally. The solution: artificially-induced ageing.

Made in Sweden
FSC certified wood

Dining Table:
Dimensions: H: 70 / W: 90 / L: 120 (cm)

Side Table:
Dimensions: H: 49 / W: 45 / L: 45 (cm)
Dimensions: H: 45 / W: 35 / L: 90 (cm)
Dimensions: H: 40 / W: 40 / L: 50 (cm)

Custom sizes available.


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About the maker
Veronica Rönn

Veronica Rönn grew up surrounded by beautiful things. Her mother was a painter and her father an antiques dealer. Her hometown of Lund is a place of dreamy spires and towers. She spent her childhood trailing through auctions and antiques shops. Veronica thinks her future life was mapped out from an early age:
“I’ve always looked back, antiques have always interested me.”

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