VIENO Dining Table

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The Vieno Dining Table was created by Ville Auvinen, a cabinet maker and furniture designer with an inescapable taste for sculptural expression.

The Vieno Dining Table is inspired by traditional Finnish 'peasant' furniture where the four legs were shaped by hand, and attached to a plank. This furniture was born out of the need to come together — with materials found on site. The subtle curves of the legs give the table its recognisable character.

Made in Finland.

Made from PEFC certified solid wood. Available in ash, oak and smoky oak.

VIENO Dining Table [140 cm]: 73 [H] x 80 [W] x 140 [L]
VIENO Dining Table [180 cm]: 773 [H] x 80 [W] x 180 [L]
VIENO Dining Table [200 cm]: 73 [H] x 80 [W] x 200 [L]

40, 50, 60 kg

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VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table
VIENO Dining Table

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