by Erin Turkoglu

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Kyoto series is inspired by the delicacy, sensitivity and the complex narratives of serving food. The colours are designed to bring out, elevate, contribute and frame the textures, colours and tastes of different foods and drinks. The series include differently sized and tinted porcelain ware to mix and match in a ceremonial table setting. 

Kyoto series is completely hand crafted and each piece is slightly different in the exact shade and forms are slightly warped.

Made in Finland

Dimensions (Large): 18 x 11 (cm)
Weight: 0.2 kg

Dimensions (Small): 10 x 4 (cm)
Weight: 0.1 kg

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About the maker
Erin Turkoglu

Erin Turkoglu is based in Helsinki where she completed her masters at Aalto. The calm she found in the city providing a welcome contrast both to her native Istanbul and to New York where she previously studied. In New York her studies in Industrial Design led to a craving for more hands-on, material work and this was what first drew her to Helsinki. Erin is a designer who samples, tests, makes, as little as possible is out-sourced.

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