FLAWS Metal Cup
by Marie Liebhardt

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Unique coloured porcelain cup with copper ring. Streets, bridges, walls, are all marked by flaws. The skin of the city, evolves, changes color and texture, a visual marker of the passage of time.

“Flaws” is inspired by the process of deterioration. Based on experimental material research, it highlights the array of textures we pass every day without even noticing. Flaws is a collection of vases whose unique textures highlight, rather than mask, irregularities. The metal collection is made by ageing copper and brass. These metal parts are framed and highlighted in combining them with colored porcelain. The metal will continue to change in time.

Gently wash with damp cloth - handmade in Copenhagen - unique piece - the copper ring may change aesthetic in time (the oxidation process will continue).

Made in Denmark
Coloured porcelain, copper ring

Dimensions: Ø (top): 8 / H: 11.5 (cm)

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FLAWS Metal Cup
FLAWS Metal Cup
FLAWS Metal Cup
FLAWS Metal Cup

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About the maker
Marie Liebhardt

Originally from the countryside near Metz in the East of France, Marie Liebhardt found her way to Copenhagen via Paris where she studied product design. When in Paris, Marie began an internship with a local ceramicist as an antidote to a design course which increasingly centred around computers. She needed to touch something and was drawn to the smooth, calming process of making.

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