Vicious Circle Extruded Chair
by Hanna Dís Whitehead

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Vicious circle is an Investigation into the possibilities within a circle and reveals the complexities of a seemingly simple thing, The shape travels between materials and methods changing along the way. The shape is cut from a circle and then extruded. Cut extruded circle chair is a chair from layers of birch plywood hand painted with bright blue lacquer with dark blue details.

Birch Plywood / Lacquer. Made from PEFC wood. Lacquer has nordic swan eco label.

Small: 49 cm (h) x 24 cm (w)
Large49 cm (h) x 33 cm (w)
Weight: 10 Kg

All products are made by hand and can therefore slightly vary in size and colour.

Vicious Circle Extruded Chair
Vicious Circle Extruded Chair
Vicious Circle Extruded Chair
Vicious Circle Extruded Chair

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About the maker
Hanna Dís Whitehead

Hanna Dís Whitehead lives and works in Hornafjördur in Southeast Iceland, around 500km from the capital Reykjavík. She first travelled to Hornafjördur 16 years ago and it was in this starkly beautiful place she met her partner, whose family were farmers in the area. Hanna’s studies in design had taken her to Denmark then to the Design Academy in Eindhoven, but the Icelandic landscape drew her back.

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