PINO Storage Box
by Antrei Hartikainen

Production time: 4—6 weeks
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Stacking boxes constructed of vividly grained woods. The Pino boxes may be arranged in various combinations and used to store smaller items. They are also suitable for storing tea, coffee, condiments, etc.

Made in Finland
FSC certified Oak

Dimensions: W: 9 / H: 5 / D: 9 (cm)
Weight: 150 (g)

Dimensions: W: 9 / H: 9.5 / D: 9 (cm)
Weight: 300 (g)

Dimensions: W: 9 / H: 14 / D: 9 (cm)
Weight: 400 (g)

Dimensions: W: 9 / H: 7.5 / D: 13.5 (cm)
Weight: 400 (g)

Dimensions: W: 9 / H: 5.5 / D: 18 (cm)
Weight: 400 (g)

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PINO Storage Box
PINO Storage Box
PINO Storage Box
PINO Storage Box
PINO Storage Box

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About the maker
Antrei Hartikainen

Antrei Hartikainen is a master cabinet maker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. Awarded Young Designer of the Year 2018 by Design Forum Finland.

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